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Cost Intelligence for Decision Makers

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Cost Intelligence

The Data You Were Missing

Traditional accounting is inefficient in tracking costs accurately across the organization, so managers shouldn’t use it for internal decision making.

We help companies model a COSTS BLUEPRINT by allocating Resources to Activities, creating a more reliable way of tracking the transformation of Resources or Costs into Cost Objects or Products/Services/Channels resulting in highly accurate financial data-analytics.

Exactly the financial data your were missing!


Cost Intelligence Solutions and Services:

Costs Intelligence

Accurate and detailed costs intelligence models for executives to take control of their finances and use that information for optimal decision making.

Data Automation

To ensure the long term success of any cost intelligence project, our software tool will automate the data queries to minimize data entry and maximize data delivery.

Real-time Analytics

Timely-delivered and visual accounting data allows managers to make changes when they matter and communicate information faster across the organization.


Employee buy-in is critical for the success of the project. A well executed implementation and training will guarantee all members embrace the new operational standard.


With the option of storing data in the cloud or in your servers, our solutions give clients the ability to choose what implementation is the most suitable for them.

Expert Insights

We go beyond simple implementation. We can learn your business costing structure and give recommendations based on over 20 years of experience in the costing business.

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