Much More Than Software

Full Cost Intelligence Implementations

End-to-end Implementations

We start with the software and data queries setup plus employee training. This initial assistance in creating and maintaining the Model assures the success of the project

Expert Insights

Our senior consultant help in formulating and interpreting new costing data for executives to achieve the market advantage they most certainly need

Fast Support

With technology we can always expect some difficulties, but a fast and professional support team can make a big difference between a terrible experience and a great one!


Our Services Focus on Facilitating:

Adding Value

With Sixtina Solutions and Services, your organization will be able to identify value-adding activities faster and discard those that don’t add value at the same time.

Increased Profitability

Increase your organization’s profitability by identifying profitable and unprofitable customers, products, services, etc. and making the required changes.

Performance Management

We work with your teams to have them buy-in into measuring performance and setting relevant strategic objectives by dissolving the myth that performance management is expensive and ineffective.

Costs Reduction

Our customers use TMS to manage cost reduction strategies by utilizing both Activity-Based Costing and Balanced Scorecard methodologies.

Complexity Reduction

In a complex business world, reducing portfolio complexity can push your company to become more efficient and grow a loyal clientele that could expand based on the ever-improving quality of such portfolio.

Better Margins

Get better margins by making better pricing decisions. Sixtina will help you understand your pricing structure so you can make the necessary changes that will improve your margins.

Long-Term Results

Although short-term earnings are important for shareholders, long-term success is important for all stakeholders because It warrants their future and that of their families.

Innovation Opportunities

With an outside perspective, Sixtina will help your organization identify innovation opportunities to improve in ways not known before and create new demand from other market segments.

Continuous Improvement

The key for achieving sustained continuous improvement is to get the right information to the right team at the right time. We help you get there.

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