Total Management Suite (TMS)

All possibilities integrated in one intuitive platform. The Total Management Suite (TMS) allows teams to combine different data intelligence methodologies to take costing to the next level, where it belongs.

It uses 4 main tools to accomplish this:

Activity-Base Costing

Cost & Profitability Models

Get useful information by evaluating overhead costs, analyzing customer and product profitability to achieve better margins and improve the bottom line.

Balanced Scorecard

Strategy Execution

Execute strategies, keep track of continuous improvement efforts, and visualize all objectives instantly to improve your organization’s performance.


Business Intelligence

Visually analyze Big Data for new insights, get accurate and timely reports, and communicate effectively throughout the organization for maximum impact.

Extract, Transform & Load

Data Query Automation

Access any database or file format to create automated data queries that will deliver detailed and crucial information to the other components in the suite.


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