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Activity-Based Costing

Activity-Based Costing allows you to improve decision making by evaluating processes costs, analyzing profitability, delivering revenue growth and finding costs reduction opportunities across the organization.

Some things you can do with Sixtina ABC

  • Accurate costing of Products, Services, Channels and Customers for maintenance, optimization or in many cases discontinuity.
  • Multidimensional profitability analysis.
  • Flexible modelling either conventional ABC or Time-driven ABC.
  • Capacity costing and modeling includes available vs. used or idle capacity.
  • Shared costs allocations and impacts can be viewed on real time for better reporting.
  • Reciprocal cost allocations provide simultaneous two-way cost allocations between accounts and trace detailed cost flows.
  • Dimensional visual capabilities and OLAP analysis support.
  • Cost root analysis and traceability across different areas.
  • All complex and simple Model simulation.
  • Manufacturing companies can trace external and internal PO to any account, manage inventory among other many features built specifically for such industry.
  • Integration with the Balanced Scorecard and Dashboards for easy strategic and visual control.
  • Import data from any DB, automate model refreshment and maintenance, and import/export data to and from another DB.
  • And many more!


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