Sixtina Dashboard permits the end user rapidly  create visualization sheets to combine different data sources into one single view to perform business intelligence and get deeper insights to make better informed decisions.

Some Sixtina Dashboard benefits

Visual information is crucial for fast and accurate decision making. In today’s markets’ dynamics it is imperative that managers and teams know the current situation and in a visual manner for fast comprehension and adaptation to ever-changing market trends. Without a Dashboard, the organization might not get the information in time to make the right move, but even more dangerously, the organization might not get the correct information and thus create a whole new set of problems.

  • Information in Sixtina Dashboard is updated as fast as the data is originally loaded into the database.
  • Visual data leaves no space to assumptions perfecting decision making.
  • Includes a vast number of graphs and charts for data management.
  • Analyzing Big Data has never been easier and fast.
  • Works seamlessly with the other Sixtina TMS modules to show all visual data and maps.
  • Reporting is effortless and can bring a lot new insights to the managers and teams.


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